Choose Your Subscription

  • Organic Berries

    Every week
    Perfect for the kids
    • All organic strawberries, blueberries & raspberries
    • Let us solve your out of stock worry.
  • The Farmer's Share

    Every week
    Local Produce from our Farm - 3 miles away
    • 3 Lettuces each week, veggie of the week
  • The Veggie Drawer

    Every week
    comfort that your eating some organic veggies
    • potatoes, avocado, one of our farm lettuces
  • Organic Fruit Share

    Every week
    Lock in Organic Fruits for the week.
    • three berries, banana, apples, citrus & seasonal
  • Organic Vegetable

    Every week
    Lock in organic veggies for the week of home cooking
    • avocado, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and much more
  • Fruit & Veggie

    Every week
    our best package. you wont be disappointed
    • both fruits and veggies delivered to you each week.


Pick up is every Wednesday between 3pm and 8pm. 


Cancel anytime with one weeks notice.  


Organic Fruit Subscription: $45/week 
1.  Organic Strawberries
(1 x 1 lb package)
2.  Organic Blueberries (1 x 6 oz package)
3.  Organic Raspberries (1 x 6 oz package)
4.  Organic Apples (3 lb bag)
5.  Organic Bananas (1 bunch, approx 5pcs)
6.  Organic Citrus (Mangos, Oranges, OR Pineapple depending on availability)

7.  One of the following:  Organic Blackberries, Grapes, Melon, Peaches or Cherries depending on availability

Organic Vegetable Subscription: $54/week

 1.  Organic New Potatoes OR Organic Sweet Potatoes
2.  Organic Avocados (2 pcs)
3.  Organic Lettuce (3 heads, butter, head, romaine, red leaf, etc)
4.  Organic Carrots
5.  Organic Tomatoes (slicing OR cherry depending on availability)
6.  Organic Cucumber (1 pc)
7.  3 of the following depending on availability:  Organic Zucchini,

Organic Bell Peppers, Organic Broccoli, Organic Cauliflower, Organic Green Beans, Organic Snap Peas, Organic Snow Peas, Organic Asparagus, Organic Radish.